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Our complete, robust, scalable phone systems are the best in the industry. Transform your ordinary and outdated systems into modern, IP PBX systems that will get the job done better than ever before.

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    How It Works

    InnKeeper Plus

    For Your Guests:

    • Wakeup calls and voicemail prompts are delivered in the guest's native language – with additional options including scheduling of daily, weekend only, and weekday only. Wakeup messages can include the weather forecast, snooze, and transfer to room service options.
    • Extensive guest information, automated answering, automated messaging, and voicemail.
    • Check out from room phone option (requires property management system with remote check out interface enabled).
    • Compatible with all hotel guest phone speed dial buttons, whether SIP or analog.

    For Your Front-Desk:

    • Powerful browser-based console offers more functionality and an intuitive and easy-to-use interfac
    • Find guests or staff easily by name, then one click to call or transfer a call.
    • Pop-up screen of guest information any time you answer a guest's call including name, native language, VIP status, group affiliation, outbound dialing permissions, wakeup calls and more.
    • Setting wakeup calls is intuitive and fast with a complete activity log to see who set, answered or canceled wakeup call
    • Integrates with all known Property Management Systems.

    For Your Staff:

    • Ability to run full-featured SIP phones from a variety of manufacturers, including soft phone
    • Extensive find me / follow me capabilities.
    • Voicemail to email forwarding.
    • Ability to handle multiple calls simultaneously.
    • Unlimited call / staff groupings, ring groups, and role-based queue
    • Automatic or on-demand staff call recording.
    • Unlimited number of extensions.